Rơ le giám sát dòng điện 3RR2441-2AA40

Tổng quan

Mã SP Trạng thái Giá Số lượng Mua hàng

999 VND

Mua hàng
Current monitoring relay for IO-Link, can be mounted to Contactor 3RT2, Size S00 Apparant/active current monitoring 1.6-16 A, 20-400 Hz, 3-phase Supply voltage 24 V DC 1 change-over contact Monitoring for Current overshoot and undershoot Current asymmetry Phase failure, Cable break Phase sequence, Residual current Blocking current, Switching cycle and Operating hours counter Warning and alarm thresholds Auto-reset or manual reset ON delay 0-9999.9 s OFF delay 0-9999.9 s Reclosing delay 0-300 min spring-type connection system

Sản phẩm bán chạy

1.780.000 VND

5.560.000 VND

8.000.000 VND