Bộ điều khiển mô tơ MR-J2-100A

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Model: MR-J2S-100A Features: High-speed controller with speed frequency response 550Hz. High-resolution encoders (17bits 131073 p/rev). Automatic motor identification and Plug & Play configuration. MR-J2S series are the best choice for use in high-speed positioning applications. Power supply: 3-phase 200-230VAC 50/60Hz. Rate Output: 1.0kW. Control Mode: Position/Speed/Torque (P-S-T). Control System: Sine-wave PWM control/Curent control system. Servo Motors: HC-KFS73/46/410, HC-MFS73, HC-UFS72/73. Manufacture: Mitsubishi, Japan.

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1.780.000 VND

5.560.000 VND

8.000.000 VND